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Meaningful Activities

Finding meaning and connection in small moments can go a long way toward making the journey through memory loss a little less painful.


February 19 is Presidents' Day! If you're looking for a meaningful activity to do with someone who has dementia, go to U.S. Presidents: Facts and Elections on to find all kinds of interesting tidbits about our Presidents. Pro Tip: Even people with memory loss need intellectual stimulation, so open conversations about past & current events.

February 16-19 is the Great Backyard Bird Count! All you have to do is watch the birds in your yard for 15 minutes a day and count how many ones you see. Then report your findings to Great Backyard Bird Count. Pro Tip: Birdwatching is an enjoyable activity that can reduce agitation. It can be a good tool to distract & redirect away from other behaviors.

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February 14 is Valentine's Day and you can make a meaningful connection with your loved one by decorating cards or cookies, smelling flowers, watching a favorite movie, or looking at old pictures together. Pro Tip: Having a disease that impairs one's brain function is terrifying and confusing; it is important your loved one knows you love him or her and will not leave them.

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